Asian Alliance of Festivals and Theatres for Young Audiences (ATYA) is a network of international performing arts festivals for children and young people in Asia.


  1. To promote international theatre festivals for children and young people in Asia
  2. To strengthen the network between member festivals and improve the quality of TYA in Asia by supporting the artist exchange
  3. To contribute to the TYA of the world by developing the TYA in Asia
  4. To promote the uniqueness of Asian cultures by introducing TYA of Asia
  5. To recognise the importance of next-generation artists in Asia and establish the base of their activities
  6. To create, manage and share the Asian artist database and encourage the artist exchange


ATYA was first founded as ACTA (Asian Children’s Theatre Alliance) in Okinawa in November 2004 by festivals in Okinawa, Taipei, Shanghai and Seoul, with the aim of promoting Asian theatre for children and young people to the world.

In 2007, the member festivals started the cooperative framework to organise the festivals around the same period of the year in order to develop the quality of each festival by co-inviting productions and producing collaborative projects. The festivals also decided to take turns to host ACTF (Asian Children’s Theatre Festival) which focused on Asian theatre for children and young people with the aim of promoting Asian productions to the world. The first edition in 2007 was held in Seoul, followed by Taipei in 2008, Okinawa in 2009, Seoul in 2011 and Okinawa in 2012.

In 2009, the name of the network was changed from ACTA to ATYA (Asian Alliance of Theatre for Young Audiences).

In March 2013, the ATYA meeting was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Hisashi Shimoyama, Producer of the ricca ricca*festa (JAPAN), was assigned to be the chairman of the network, and the network made a fresh start.

In January 2014, ATYA meeting took place in Hwasong and the new regulation was approved. Okinawa officially started its 3-year term as the chair festival.



Board Members of the current term (2017-2021)

Taiwan Dot Go Children’s Art Festival (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) is the president.

Ninedu Theatre Company (Shanghai, China) is the current vice president.

Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education (Hong Kong) is the current general secretary.


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