China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) – Children’s Performing Arts Committee [Beijing/China]


June-Augustm (Annual)







China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) – Children’s Performing Arts Committee is an organization that has reached out to over 135 million children through their expertise in theatre arts. CAPA is interested in bringing quality performances from around the world to perform and inspire the audiences of China.

The different members of CAPA are engaged in producing, performing, and marketing in the field of children’s music, dance, theatre, folklore, acrobatics and others. The members of the committee are located in cities accross China. Their artistic productions and the number of performances takes up 90% of the Chinese children’s performing arts market share. For the last two years, including all existing members of CAPA, CAPA performed over 10,000 shows each year.

One of the missions of CAPA is to establish a platform and bridge for international cultural exchange in order to promote Chinese children’s productions internationally. From June to August in 2015, the first edition China International Children Theatre Education Festival was held by the Children’s Performing Arts Committee of CAPA. The Festival was held in 12 Chinese cities at the same time with over 400 performances and activities. Our overall attendance for the festival exceeded 200,000 people. Children and parents from all over China watched over 20 Chinese and foreign performances. The festival will be held annually from 2016. All friends and performers from around the world are welcomed to join in the Festival.

CAPA has shouldered the responsibility of uniting domestic Children’s theatrical arts organizations, devoted itself to upholding and promoting Chinese culture, and strived to create a level playing field for sustainable performance markets.



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.




We would like as many shows as possible to come to our festival! We do have a few requirements. If you do not fit these requirements but you still are a recognised touring company that is interested in our festival, please don’t hesitate to contact us, these are only guidelines.

(1) Many of our theatres have capacitites up to and exceeding 500 seats. We would prefer if you can play to larger audiences.

(2) We are interested in creative and visually beautiful shows. We are putting emphasis on artistic creativity.

(3) Less dialogue. Our audiences will mainly be members of the Chinese public. Therefore we request for there to be very little dialogue.