Gimcheon International Theater Festival for Family [Gimcheon/Korea]



July-August (Annual)


24 July – 30 July 2016





Founded in 2002, ‘Gimcheon International Theater Festival For Family’ (GITF) is the nation’s first theater, the largest arts festival and indisputably the most famous theater festival in the Gimcheon.
It also has established itself as a nationwide famous summer festival which represents Gimcheon.
The festival, The average audience share 91% since 2009.

The feature of this festival is that audiences of all generations including children, adolescents and adults could enjoy the performances together.

The higher quality experience festival offers the audience broader opportunities to enjoy a variety of free culture events and encourage their participation in education combined with art, play and culture. ‘Gimcheon International Theater Festival For Family’ (GITF) motivates the artists by holding a contest and contributes to a balanced development and expanding the base of the theater.

‘Gimcheon International Theater Festival For Family’ (GITF) is held every summer at the end of July. Approximately thirty performances including invitation international performance, domestic performance and competition of domestic performance.Every year, The festival invites about five international performances. Since 2002, Theaters from China, Russia, Japan, India, Canada, Netherlands, Poland and Spain have been invited.

‘Gimcheon International Theater Festival For Family’ (GITF) is the meaningful festival where people do not merely see the arts but enjoy the performance as arts in life thought the participation programs such as “family play recitation contest” and “youth acting contest”. It also provides audience with a great opportunities to participate in education combined with art, performance and culture such as “storytelling academy” and “Theater playground”.



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Gimcheon International Theater Festival For Family encourages artist and culture exchanges across border. GIFT also introduces finest performances that are chosen through a festival’s contest to the world and always tries to create better environment where excellent domestic dramas perform in foreign countries.