Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education [Hong Kong]





“Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education” has been set up in 2002 after renaming from “Ming Ri Theatre Company”. Having experienced different stage of attempt — the amateur drama group “Anonymity Dramatic Club” in 1984 and Hong Kong’s first professional children theatre company “Ming Ri Theatre Company” in 1996, the institute has been developed to a non-profit-making charitable organization emphasizing the importance of both arts and education in the 21st century.

We deeply believe that the art of drama is a key element to cultivate creativity, ability of problem solving, abstract thinking and the sense of cooperation. All these are the characteristics of a “all-rounded person”.

Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education provides services of the following fields: “Children Play”, “Pedagogy”, “Puppetry Arts”, and “Exchange and Curatorship”.



Email: info@mingri.org.hk