17 Jan 2020

Funny Scary Things

Afraid of water? Fear for height, darkness, or strangers?

Fear is the most obvious emotion of infants and young children. On one hand, it is a self-protection mechanism for children, but on the other hand, overcoming fear is an essential stage for children to grow and explore the world.

In the performance, performers will defy the use of language and lead the audience into the world of young children. Welcome to open up a keen sense and play games with “fear” in a brisk and funny way.

怕怕是甚麼? 怕怕在哪裡? 不怕、不怕,和怕怕玩遊戲!

兩個原本不認識的小孩在神秘又有趣的空間裡,探索、靠近、接觸,還有一起面對「怕怕」! 讓我們跨越語言,打開敏銳的感覺、以輕快有趣的方式與「怕怕」玩遊戲,面對成長的未知領域。

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