10 Oct 2019

Paper Boat

The interactive performance adapted from the author Jorge Lu Yang’s illustrated children’s book “Oh, paper boat!”, is a fun, creative and highly assertive production for young puppet audiences. Today is Didi’s birthday. Her father, who was always busy with his work, had promised to fulfill her birthday wish. They finally set out on their way to their dreams with a paper boat. It’s done! With cheers, the paper boat became bigger and bigger, the sea was getting deeper and deeper. It made both of them happy to sail on this adventure. Would you like to be a part of this adventure? We are sure that this journey bringing happiness to this father and daughter will offer you pleasant moments.

故事意念來自繪本《啊,紙船! 》(作者: 豪爾赫・. 陸楊)

今天是滴滴的生日!老是忙著工作的爸爸答應會滿足她的生日願望──在浴缸裡乘著紙船到夢想中的南方小島。 「Woo-hoo!」滴滴用湯匙做船槳,歡呼聲中紙船變得愈來愈大,海水愈來愈深,然後便快快樂樂地划船出海冒險去!

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