06 Jun 2019

The Little Old Man With His Friends

A lonely little old man in a room that seems to be forgotten by time, looks at the bustling crowd everyday, and no one is his friend. In a spring, he met the lovely puppy in the park, and the little old man finally had a playmate. However, one day, the old man found that the puppy was playing happily with others, so, he felt lonely again. Is the old man destined to be alone for his lifetime? Or to open his heart again? This is a story about tolerance and sharing. There are two versions of the ending, waiting for you to complete it!
這一天,一如往常,小老頭來到公園卻看見自己唯一的朋友與陌生女孩親暱的玩 著,彷彿完全忘了他的存在!帶著失落,小老頭的心再度被孤獨籠罩,回到小屋,他輕輕關上了門。

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